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About Us

Kalamazoo Chinese School (KCS) is to preserve Chinese Culture and Tradition. A secondary goal is to promote mutual understanding and integration between Chinese Americans and their local communities.

The Kalamazoo Chinese School was founded in 1987 in Kalamazoo, Michigan by a group of enthusiastic parents as a volunteer organization and is incorporated as a non-profit educational organization.  The school is currently located at Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church on the corner of Romance Road and Oakland Drive (address: 7028 Oakland Drive, Portage, MI).

The original name of the school was the Kalamazoo Chinese Class.  It was not a formal organization in the first two years.  All the students were in one classroom, and the classes were instructed by the parents.  At that time, all the parents were obligated to take turns teaching.  An additional new class was added in 1990.   KCS continued to grow and in 1992 created the school charter, the school board of KCS was formed, and the Kalamazoo Chinese Class was renamed to Kalamazoo Chinese School.

The curriculum in KCS is designed to help students develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese.  The school makes every effort to foster students’ interest and desire to learn the language.  In addition to adopting the Traditional Chinese language textbooks as primary teaching materials, the teachers of  KCS have also designed and compiled their own material for use as a teaching aid.

At KCS, parents enjoy the right to participate in school management and administration.  They are obligated to take turns serving in these positions. The administration members of the school, principle, vice principle, and treasure are appointed by the parents.

The KCS Administration always welcomes and encourages feedback from parents regarding the school’s policies, procedures, curriculum, teaching approaches, textbooks, teaching materials, and student academic activities. 

Parents are invited to participate in the actual making of a high quality Kalamazoo Chinese School.  Feel free to contact us to voice your concerns and opinions about  the school.

If you have any questions regarding admissions or the registration process, please contact us at kzocs@yahoo.com.





卡城中文學校由一群熱心的家長於一九八七年成立o 原名卡城中文班o 起初兩年沒有正式組織 ,  所有學生集在一班 ,  由家長輪流教課o 一九九零年起增設一班 ,  並由家長推選出學校工作人員校長 ,  副校長 ,  及財務 o 當年並向芝加哥辦事處立案 o 學校持續成長並於一九九二年通過章程  ,  成立董事會 ,  改名為卡城中文學校o


學校為非營利 ,  非宗教 ,  非政治組織 ;  旨在為本地華裔青少年提供傳統中華語文與文化藝術的環境 ,  藉此熟悉中華語文的應用及中華民俗活動 ,  以體認中華文化之悠久博大o 原董事會於二零零五年更名為校務委員會o校長由校務委員公推 ,  綜理協調校務之進行 ,  並對外代表學校o 校務委員則為現任教師 ,  財務 ,  總務 , 校長 ,  任期兩年o


本校依程度分為五班 ,  由五位專任老師授課 ,  使用全美中文聯合學校編印的美洲華語課本 ,  再輔以老師自編的補充教材o 教學方式使用漢語拼音及繁體字o 本校並於二零零四年九月份起增設親子班 o每學年九月初開學 ,  五月底結束 o 上課時間為每星期五晚上七點到八點三十分o



學校信箱: P.O.Box 341, Portage, MI 49081-0341


電子信箱: kzocs@yahoo.com


電子網頁: www.kzocs.org