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  Kalamazoo Chinese School(KCS) focuses on teaching the Chinese Language in Hanyu PinYin and using Traditional Chinese Character Style.

  KCS provides a fun place to be every Friday night. This learning process increases the relationship between parents and children and also becomes  a great fun experience in your life.

  If you are interested in this program, please click on  CLASSES for more detailed information or send us an email with any questions.  We will reply ASAP.




卡 城 中 文 學 校A happy place to be!

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Kalamazoo Chinese SchoolText Box: 卡城中文學校的教學著重於中國傳統的繁體字,漢語拼音和注音符號.
中文學校是一個讓您和您的小孩增進親子關係和學習的好地方, 使學習中文成為您生命中有趣的經驗.
如果您有興趣請在Classes上點一下,將會有更詳細的資料供您作參考,或是寄電子郵件, 我們會儘快給 Reserved: Staff
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